Joey Cummings from Yazoo, Mississippi is having a great time in American Samoa.
A house near Futiga. I liked the way it looked with the flame tree hovering over it.
Sunrise from Mt. Olotele in early 2005. My friend Henrietta and I woke up really early on a Saturday to get this shot. We had fun!
The Queen Elizabeth II came to Pago Pago in early 2004. This ship was HUGE!
Fartie the Cat back home in Mississippi... hanging out on the back porch.
Nature at it's finest. Folks keep telling me to sell this pic to National Geographic or something. I think it's fine right here...
Plumeria Frangipani
Pink Hibiscus
Orchid in Coconut Hanging Planter
Rainbow Over Pago Harbor
Spike at Palagi Beach
The Burning of the Christmas Trees in Vaitia
It's a photographic journey. Click for full-size images.
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ask me before you start using my stuff. I want to keep up with where it's going.

Nothing penetrates the heart quite like a good photograph. I live and
work in American Samoa and the things I see are really amazing. I'm
about 2600 miles south-southeast of Honolulu below the equator.
Being here is definitely a Grand Adventure. So that's why I started
posting photos and comments here. My parents gave me a FujiFilm
A210 3.2 megapixel digital camera before I left Mississippi and said,
"Send us lots of pictures!" Most everything here has been taken with
that camera.

I haven't got it all organized to my satisfaction, but I have updated my
website software recently. So, you can see the old indexed photos
from the first 8 months by clicking the Archives below. You'll find a
good cross-section of my experiences there. Newer stuff will be
posted as I have time and inclination.

Mouse-Over thumbnails for commentary.    --Joey
Archive #1.... January through May 2004
Archive #2..... June - July 2004
"E le pu se tino I 'upu" -Samoan proverb
Words do not pierce the body.